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You can review our comprehensive User Guide.

If you are having trouble using UPstream™ you may want to download our User Guide.

You can modify your preferences at any time by clicking on your name at the top of the page.

UPstream™ searching, browsing, and weekly e-mail update use preferences to help you find grants that are most relevant to your parameters. Be sure your preferences reflect the functional areas in which you are seeking funding and the geographic areas where your project will be sited.

Adjust your search results by applying or ignoring preferences.

If your search is resulting in too many or too few results, try applying your preferences by selecting "Apply My Preferences" or ignoring your preferences by selecting "No, Search Everything."

Use the suggested search terms to see what other users have searched.

If you’re not sure what search terms to use or want to see suggestions, just start typing to see a list of suggested search terms, which includes common user searches from across UPstream™.

Use past deadlines for planning.

Because grants tend to be cyclical, past deadlines are useful for forecasting future rounds of funding opportunities. Adding them to your watchlist also ensures that you will receive notifications as the next round approaches the next deadline.

Click on the "Deadline(s)" link to sort results by deadline.

The links at the top of the search results allow you to sort the results for easier browsing.

Scan search results more easily using the “Results Per Page” menu.

You can set your results page to show up to 100 results. Paging through hundreds of search results is much easier when you have 100 results per page!

Add multiple grants to your Research Report or Watch List using the check boxes at the left of the search results.

As you go through your search results, you can add multiple grants to your Research Report or Watch List by selecting the check box at the left of the search results and clicking on "Add to Research Report" or "Add to Watch List" at the bottom. Be sure you receive confirmation that the grants have been added before paging to the next set of results.

Click on the numbers in parentheses to jump directly to the grants in that category.

You can bypass the subcateogries and see all the grants currently listed for a category by clicking on the number in parentheses.

Adjust the number of available grants by activating or deactivating your Geographic Filter Preferences.

With your Geographic Filter Preferences activated, you will see national, state, and local grants that are available in your area. But to reference other states’ grants, for example, you can deactivate the geographic filter.

Click on the deadline date to navigate to the grant details.

Hovering over the deadline date provides a quick overview of the grants due on that date. Clicking on the date provides access to the grant details for each grant with a deadline on that date.

Adjust the number of grants on your deadline calendar by adding or removing geography and category filters.

Adding category and geography filters will limit the number of grants displayed for each month. Use these filters to get the number of grants to a manageable number for your grantseeking capacity.

Add multiple grants to your Research Report using the check boxes at the left of the grant titles.

As you go through your Watch list, you can add multiple grants to a Research Report by selecting the check box at the far left of the grant titles and clicking on “Add to Research Report” at the top of the listing of grants.

Track your grantseeking activity with Watch List Notes and Status updates.

You can replace the old spreadsheet for tracking your grantseeking activity by tracking each stage of grants development on your Watch List and clicking the “Update button on the right side of the screen. The Watch List Notes section also allows you to enter the location of related files. You can also archive grants you have either closed out or that you no longer plan to pursue by deselecting the “Active” check box to the immediate left of the Status listing.

Remove or change the order of grants in your report with the tools at the right side of the page.

During the course of your session, you may have added grants to your Research Report. Before generating the report to share information with colleagues, you can manage the grants included on the report by deleting those you no longer wish to include and changing the order in the report by using the tools at the right side of the page.

Save Research Reports For Later

By default, you will always be able to retrieve your last research report. It will automatically load for you and can be edited at any time from the "My Research Report" page. You may also save the current research report by typing a title in the "report title" textbox and clicking the "Save Report As" button.

Delete Previously Saved Report

To Delete a previously saved report you need only click the red x to the right of the report name in the top section of the page.

Load a Previous Report

To Load a Previous report click on the paper icon that has a green up arrow.

View a Grant's Details From Reports

To View a Grant's details (in a new window) simply click on any of the grant titles in any of the reports (current or previously saved).

Log in before activating or extending your subscription

When you are ready to convert your trial or extend your subscription, log in to UPstream™ first and use the Subscribe link at the top of the page or in your profile to activate your subscription. That ensures you receive any discounts that are available and populates the contact fields with your information.

Use your e-mail address to log in

UPstream™ now requires your e-mail address instead of a username for your login. If you are an experienced UPstream™ user, it may take a few logins to get into that habit.

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