UPstream provides tools for managing your organization's grants development effort -  sourcing funders, sharing grant details, and tracking your progress.

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Why UPstream
Search UPstreamTM
Learn how UPstreamTM uses the latest search technology to make your search results more relevant and intuitive, and makes it easier to find the grants you are looking for. The landscape of funding just got clearer!
Managing Grants on UPstream
Manage Grants on UPstreamTM
Learn how UPstreamTM helps you manage your grantseeking activities and easily sharing grantseeking information with colleagues through your own personal Watchlist.
Reports Functionality
Create Reports on UPstreamTM
Learn how UPstreamTM enables individuals, department heads, and administrators to generate easy reports on a variety of activities with the push of a button.
Share With Colleagues
Share Reports with Colleagues
Learn how UPstreamTM enables you to share your results and findings with fellow grantseekers. Watch to see how you can use UPstreamTM to deliver grant details with one click.
Get Grantwriting Support
Get Grantwriting Support
Are you ready to start grantwriting. Grants Office is here and can help you through the process.
Get Research Support
Get Research Support
Tired of searching through postings? Don't have time to do the research yourself? Or would just rather have the experts do it for you? Grants Office's team of Professional Grant Consultants can help you do the research you need for the projects you have.